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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Home Care a realistic option for me?

For many people home care is the ideal choice, as you can choose the level of support that you want and need. It means you can stay in a familiar environment close to family and friends, whilst getting support with things that you feel you are having difficulty with. It will be cheaper than residential care.

How will I know that the service will be reliable?

Our Home Care service is reliable, but there is always a chance that your care worker has a problem getting to you on time. We have a system which tells us that a worker has not arrived at their client (see Our Staff), and will call you immediately that we are alerted and tell you our plan of action.

What will the care cost?

Our rates are hourly and we have a weekday and weekend rate. The rates for activities/outings vary. Please call us and we will tell you the current rates or send you our brochure in the post with the rates included.

Can I choose which carer will visit my loved one?

We take great care to match our carers to our clients, and the same carer will go to your loved one at all times unless there is a problem. We want our clients to look forward to our visits and know it is vital that they know each other.

Do I have to book the same day/time each week?

No, we can come to an arrangement to suit you where you tell us when you would like support.

Do you provide other services such as complementary therapies?

We provide other support services, such as companionship, handyman duties, gardening and dog walking. We have therapists that visit us in our Care Homes, whom you are welcome to come to, or if preferred we can recommend therapists that we have used. We are opening a day centre in the near future which will provide more alternative therapies.

My mother/father does not agree that they need help but I am worried......

We strongly believe that people should be independent for as long as possible, but we also don’t like to think of people struggling with daily tasks which are spoiling their quality of life. If your parent wishes, we could all meet up and discuss how a little bit of support may give them more time to do as they please.

My father has just come home from hospital following his hip operation, can we have some short term help for him?

Yes, we can help him at home with support and encouragement to rebuild his strength and confidence in what he can still do himself. Some outings and socialising with support may also help his feelings of wellbeing.

My wife has Alzheimers and I look after her very well at home. I would love some time to go shopping, could you help with this?

It is vital that you take some time out and we can take some of the pressure off. We could come to sit with your wife at your home or if you both prefer, she could join us on a trip in our minibus or come to our Care Home for tea and cake or lunch.