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Much more than just caring at home

Bus trips available to all

Whatever the weather our bus continues to take trips from each of our care homes two to three times a week. 

This wonderful facility is available for our residents, day care clients and home care clients.

The bus trips are sometimes a simple trip to a local supermarket, garden centre or the seafront. We also organise full day trips further a field for example a picnic at Bewl Water or a day out on a Steam Train.

We have introduced a new scheme of 'Resident of the Day'. Each day a resident enjoys extra special attention. One of the privileges is to choose an activity that they would like to do. This is often a one to one activity, this can be a simple trip to the sea front for an ice cream or a trip to a museum of special interest.

If a resident requests to go shopping , we will always organise a one to one trip for them.

We firmly believe at Coast Care that it is a huge benefit to get out and about. We encourage our clients to leave their home, get some fresh air, keep moving and remain stimulated. Most of us have spent all our lives keeping busy and not been restricted to our four walls, so why stop now!