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Dementia Support

If you or a loved one are living with a Dementia type illness such as Alzheimers Disease, Vascular Dementia or Lewy-Body Dementia or another form, you should expect your care provider to understand that this requires a special kind of support.

At Coast Home Care, we know that consistency of carer is paramount, this will enable a trusting, comfortable relationship to form allowing the Carer to completely understand the person that they are supporting. We also know that un-hurried calls that involve companionship along with tasks where necessary are beneficial to a persons feeling of wellbeing. This is why we make our minimum call duration half an hour.

Our care workers are chosen for their kind, caring and compassionate natures. They all undergo training in Dementia care and following this, they understand that “Feelings Matter Most” to the individuals with dementia that we care for.