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Much more than just caring at home

Wellbeing and support

This covers many aspects, anything that makes you feel good. Our clients often like to share an outing or activity with someone like-minded, eg watching sport, going to an art gallery, doing the crossword, reading correspondence or the newspaper, or gardening. For this reason, we like to know all about your interests and hobbies and how you like to spend your time – we can then aim to match careworker with similar interests.

If you are the carer of an older person, we can give you a well deserved break by taking over the care for any period of time. Our care workers have experience and training in caring for a person with dementia, so you can relax knowing that your loved one is in the safest of hands. We can arrange to share an activity with them at home or out and about, whilst you have some β€œme” time.